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14 November 2009 @ 11:01 am
[pics] More hongchul clothes sharing  

Pictures: Clothes swapping

Thank you motochan once again for this post^^

So last entry was about the shirt that Hongchul recently shared, this one is about their pants. It's so awesome that they are both roughly 60 kg and the same size because it allows for much clothes swapping and thereby much implied time spent together naked kekeke~~~

Heechul wore these pants on 090502 MBC's Worlding Changing Quiz (if you'll remember, this was the show black_writing posted here when Hongki called Heechul on and they played the guessing game. This was 3 months before that, when Heechul called Hongki but Hongki didn't pick up.)

(Can't quite remember when Hongki wore this so if anyone knows, please share^^)

It's the same style of pants, gold zipper and all^^

The girl on baidu who first posted this commented underneath in Chinese and she said, "Hongki... lately your style and appearance has become more and more like your hyung's..."

And it's quite true. My next post will be about their similar hairstyles xDD;;


p.s. I want to thank you guys for becoming more and more active^^ let's make this comm thrive~~

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