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20 December 2009 @ 11:41 pm

Interview: Nylon Magazine December Issue

Well, after what seems like forever, we finally see a NEW hongchul moment^^!!

Ah, we all knew that once those boys became less busy drama-wise, it'll start up again^^ (Although, actually, I believe that's it's never really stopped, they'll keep finding time to hang out, we just don't hear about it because it wasn't as frequent xDD)

Anyways, for those who haven't see it yet, or thought it was tl;dr, Heechul's interview just got translated and posted up on Omonatheydidn't.

It is a bit long, so here are just the parts where Heechul mentions Hongki (although Heechul is so honest, straight forward, and refreshing that seriously, you gotta love the boy. The interview is worth reading in full, he's hilarious.)

"FT Island’s Hongki is also an obedient dongsaeng. I said to Hongki, “It’s good to have good relationships with female celebrities, but if too close then it won’t seem high class.”

"Hongki and SNSD kids use a salon for 2-3 years, up till now still greet (them) ‘Hello’ awkwardly. (Hongki) asked me, “Hyung, when this person speaks to me, what should I do?” I told him, “Be arrogant.” He will act arrogantly, very obedient."

"Looks like everyone is working hard to gain Heechul sshi’s love
Maybe becoming my enemy will be very tiring. Hongki is Type AB, in addition don’t we have a Type-AB gathering?! Mithra Jin, Hongki, (Cho) Jungmo hyung etc, magazines can use this as a topic."

Chocoball^^!! Love how he jumps to Hongki first. Sad to hear they don't meet regularly though:

"(Do you) meet regularly?
No. Gathered twice?"

Love how obediant Hongki hahahaha~ seriously, getting bullied by his hyung~^^

Anyways, I have totally been waiting for them to start talking about one another again^^!! It's great how Heechul keeps his bffs really constant.

So, we have this, plus my co-mod Annie is back, yay!

It's gonna be a wonderful birthday^^ (my birthday is tomorrow December 21st. *hint hint* lol jkjk)

Anyways, see you next time^^


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