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29 October 2009 @ 05:59 pm


Entries: Heechul's Cyworld

On May 11th, Heechul updated his cyworld twice. The first was with a picture of Heenim, whilst the second one was a very entry about Hongki^^

The title of his entry was: 'When You're Outside You Wanna Be Like Me Right'

He then posted up this gif from 090412 when they were on Inkigayo together

I find it adorable that he was referring to how he told Hongki to tell everyone he wants to be an MC like Heechul 3 months ago (Refer back to my previous post) and actually found a gif that this korean girl made of them two whispering on stage one month ago when they should have been paying attention xDD;;

I guess he's the 'devil', on a mission to corrupt Hongki xD

In the best of ways, of course kekekeke


credits; Source

p.s. Finally got my very own minihompy xDDD I'm totally in love with it~^0^ Let's be friends <3
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Entries: Hongki's Cyworld

On February the 4th, Hongki wrote on his minihompy, "I'll become the world's most evil MC like Kim Heechulnim. Hyung... but I don't think I can say this during a broadcast...,^^ Sorry... kekekekekekekekekekekeke." (Hongki, like Heechul, enjoys using excessive amounts of 'kekekeke' xDD;;)

Below is an interview FT Island did plus the making of their MV Bad Woman. This section was not included in the full interview + making of MV but rather was an extra bit. Whilst Hongki left out the "world's most evil" part and did not say it during a live broadcast as Heechul had requested, he did say it in the interview. 

The video is not subbed, but basically at the very end, he said, "I will try to be exactly a hyung-like MC. I love you, hyung. Bye~

Note: Two months later, on the show Intimate Note, Kangin told Heechul that Hongki called and told him about how Heechul made Hongki say he wants to become an MC like Heechul. Kangin told Heechul that this is very troublesome for Hongki xDD;; We'll be posting that video up shortly.


credits; Source, tudou.com

p.s. Welcome to our newest members livvyxo lycorisc and mintkaffe 

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Theory: Hongki practiced with Heechul for his kiss scenes in Midsummer Night's Dream

Disclaimer: Remember that these are called 'theories' for a reason. They're purely for entertainment purposes as we may never know the real truth~^___^

This one is about how Hongki's kiss scenes in his musical that was on in August between him and a guy and a girl were practiced with his Heechul-hyung xDDD;;

Inspired by this pic:

heechul's kissing lessonsCollapse )


credits; allkpop.com, youtube.com

p.s. My bff is becoming 'Asian-fied'!! I'm so happy~ it's about time kekeke~

Also, a warm welcome to our new members coffeebangvandalizedflashedlovekhy127, and paperlet^^!!
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(Credit for the amazing banner goes to bunnylla )

We officially have 33 members~>0<!! So, since we are growing in numbers on a daily basis, my co-mod and I have decided that it's time we have our member's introduction post where we can get to know all the other members (isn't it fun to fangirl with other amazing people? xDD;;) and talk about anything and everything^^~ Also a special shoutout to fraash for being our very first member since we started 3 weeks ago yay!

Comment here and lets get to know each other better!


1. How did you know about Hongchul?
2. Why do you like Hongchul?
3. What is Hongchul in your opinion? Best friends? Brothers? Couple?
4. Introduce one of your OTPs.

more goodiesCollapse )

Now tell us about yourself!!

credits; bunnylla @ livejournal, kpopsecrets @ livejournal
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Entries: Heechul's Cyworld

We'll be posting all their cyworld entries that Hongchul has posted about each other. This one was from Heechul's cyworld. I think that this is the first time Heechul has mentioned Hongki (because I can't find anything before this) so if someone finds an entry dating before this one, please let me know^^!!

This was 2 days after the last episode of Good Daddies and Heechul apologises to the cast for being mean on his cyworld. 2009 Jan. 22nd

There is a little bit more in his cyworld entry, so click the link underneath in the credits section to read the full thing.

Ahh~ Good Daddies = the beginning of a beautiful friendship^^


Also I want to welcome all of our new and old members since we never got around to it^^!! A post will be up soon where we can all introduce ourselves and just talk about anything xDD;;

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14 October 2009 @ 11:15 pm

Theory: Hongki was thinking of Heechul when he was talking about his ideal type

Disclaimer: Remember that these are called 'theories' for a reason. They're purely for entertainment purposes as we may never know the real truth~^___^

This one is about how Hongki's ideal type (which he talked about on 090829 MBC's World Changing Quiz where he played the speed game with Heechul over the phone - Click here to see black_writing's post on it) seems to fit the description of Heechul xDD;;
hongki's ideal typeCollapse )
Now... discuss^^!!


credits; flickr.com, blog.naver.com, photobucket.com
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10 October 2009 @ 12:05 pm

Theory: Hongki's orange hair was Heechul's fault xP idea

Annie (black_writing) and I have decided to open up a theory section to our community because we have a few theories regarding Hongchul^^

Disclaimer: Remember that these are called 'theories' for a reason. They're purely for entertainment purposes as we may never know the real truth~^___^

This first one is about how Hongki's spontaneous orange hair can be attributed to Heechul^^
orange hairCollapse )
Now... discuss^^!!


credits; flickr.com, blog.naver.com
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Hongchul's similar paths in life

The term 'singer-turned-actor' cannot be applied to Hongchul, as they both debuted as actors before going into singing. So the assertion that some netizens have spouted that Hongki and Heechul are 'walking similar paths' holds some veracity.

1. Both debuted as actors

(Kim Heechul's debut project was actually KBS 2TV’s 2005 Sharp 2 [반올림2])
big pictures are bigCollapse )

Heechul must be so proud^^ Hongki really is becoming a 2nd Kim Heechul - an all-round entertainer like he aspires to be xDD;;


allkpop.com, asianpopcorn.com, ruliweb2 @ nate.com, seoulbeats.com, londonkoreanlinks.net, winter_star @ soompi, and bunnylla @ livejournal for the awesome icon I'm using with this post^^
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06 October 2009 @ 10:24 am

For all you avid Heechul fans out there, you'll probably know about the chant that is heard around Heechul i.e. "Milky white skin Kim Heechul... Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul..."

Sinyoung from soompi shared her fan account of what happened when she met FT Island.


The most important part of the extract is this bit: 'He [Hongki] moved his sunglasses lower and scanned all of us. Then a group at the side started chanting "Milky white skin Lee Hongki... Saranghaeyo Lee Hongki..." HE ACTUALLY SMIRKED AND LAUGHED!!!'

Me thinks he was doing the Heechul smirk^^ and probably thinking of his best friend xD;;

A surprisingly large number of fans/netizens know about Hongchul's amazingly intimate relationship, so I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't a direct reference to it. 

Wherever they go, it seems someone always manages to link them to one another^^

credits; sinyoung @ soompi


If you refer back to our third post: '[pics/gifs] Hongki likes copying his hyung^^' you'll see evidence that the 'sunglasses' sinyoung was talking about Hongki wearing on 090627, is in fact Heechul's sunglasses^^

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06 October 2009 @ 12:58 am

List of similarities between Heechul and Hongki.

1. Personalities - outgoing. crazy. fun. youthful.

(090510 Inkigayo Energy song)

Kim Heechul, although 7 years older than Hongki, acts exactly like his dongsaeng^^.

If anyone thinks of anymore, just comment and I'll add it^^.


credits; tumblr.com, Yuki_24 @ photobucket, hongkiaday @ livejournal, fanpop.com
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